If you have plans for a car, plane or train journey with kids, let us help!  We will make the journey as fun as arriving at your destination. Fun on the Run will create for you a customized activity bag full of games, books, music, and toys to entertain and engage your kids while travelling.  Then we will deliver your bag to your door!

All parents know the thrill that kids experience when they get new toys. So it’s not hard to see the benefit of having a bag full of exciting new-to-you toys when setting off on a long journey together.

But these aren’t just any toys.  They are carefully selected and tested, imaginative, engaging, non-noisy, and good quality items designed to be used in cars, planes, trains, airports, and other places where ordinary toys are too noisy, too big, have too many loose pieces or otherwise not suited.

Plus, our bags don’t stop working when you reach your destination!  If you are staying in a hotel, rental property, with family or friends that don’t have children, or go out to eat at a restaurant, our bags will continue to entertain your children and provide value.

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