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Airplane Playmat


Our newest playmat is an airplane themed playmat that folds up for easy carrying or small space packing and unfolds to reveal a set of six airplanes (or other flying figures) stored inside. Flip the mat over and you have a busy airport scene ready for play!  A bonus feature is the straps that also enable the playmat to be strapped to the tray table on an airplane.  What better time to let your child’s imagination take flight then while actually flying!

All airplane playmats have been hand colored, hand sewn, and are fully washable.  All plane and other figures are phthalate-free and measure 1.5 to 3 inches.  The play area of the mat measures 10 x 16 inches when unfolded.

Two different sets of airplane figures are available. If you have a preference for Set 1 or Set 2, please note that in the message box at checkout.