Our Story

On the train to Granny’s house.

“We’re going to go in a car, plane, train, taxi, train, and then car right Mommy?”

Last April my oldest daughter, Hayley, was determined to understand exactly how we were going to get from our home in New Jersy to her grandparents’ house in northern England.

I was focused on whether I had packed enough toys, books, and other forms of entertainment to keep both of my young, wiggly, noisy daughters occupied for the 16 hours we would be in transit. Back home two weeks later, while unpacking the girls’ carry-on bag from our return flight, the idea for Fun on the Run was born.

First international flight at four months. In a poorly designed carry cot on the floor.

By that time I had been travelling internationally with my daughters for four years. For each flight we took, a lot of time, effort, and expense went into putting together the items to keep them entertained on each trip.  Back home after our latest return flight, I started thinking about ways it might be possible to share the benefits of the knowledge I’d accrued and the toys I’d found to work successfully.

Traveling with young children already involves a lot of extra logistical planning before the actual journey itself even starts.  At Fun on the Run, it’s our goal to take the hassle out of the journey and make it as fun as arriving at your destination!